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Oral Habits That Cause Tooth Decay

Though most people get a cavity at least once in their lives, they might not realize that a cavity is an early stage of tooth decay and that without prompt treatment, decay will cause severe and irreversible damage to their…


Tips for Lowering Your Sugar Intake

Sugar notoriously poses a threat to your teeth, but many people do not know the reason why. When sugar reacts with your saliva, it becomes acidic. The acid could then erode the protective outer shell of your teeth, enamel, leaving…


Feel Prepared for Dental Veneers

Want a secure, highly effective way to improve the look of your teeth? Ask your cosmetic dentist about porcelain veneers. These shell-like caps attach to the front of your teeth to build a straighter and brighter smile that can last…


How Do I Replace Multiple Missing Teeth?

Tooth loss can greatly impact your quality of life. If you have several missing teeth, you might notice a decline in your oral function as well as the appearance of your smile. There are several treatments that can replace these…


Check Out Our Smile Success Stories

When choosing a dentist to trust with your smile, you want to find a professional who can offer the best results. Ideally, they should also use a comprehensive approach to oral health. You can check a dentist’s website to view…


Protein Drinks May Hurt Your Teeth

Whether you want to improve your fitness performance or hope to add nutritional value to your diet, you may appreciate the benefits of drinking protein shakes. These beverages offer wellness advantages. But they could pose a risk to the health…


Prevent Tooth Breakage by Avoiding These Foods

Every day, your teeth experience a great deal of wear and tear when you chew your food. Usually, this occurs without issue, but biting down on hard foods could cause your teeth to chip, crack, or fracture. Dental professionals deem…


Stay Hydrated to Boost Your Oral Health

Approximately 60% of the human body is made from water, so staying hydrated is crucial to your overall wellbeing. This applies to the health of your teeth and gums as well. Dentists and other medical professionals agree that you should…


What Is a Removable Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth can create major difficulties for patients, especially if they have lost three or more teeth in a row. Tooth replacement from your dental professional can resolve many of these concerns, but which treatment will work best with your…


What Is a Tooth Vitality Test?

Are you experiencing pain or discoloration in one or more of your teeth? You may have non-vital pulp in your tooth. This occurs when blood flow becomes restricted to the tooth. Though a dead tooth might not be a dental…