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Patients Review Dr. Finlay & Associates

At Dr. Finlay & Associates, Dr. Scott Finlay, and Dr. Chris Anderson are committed to providing the highest level of dental care to each of our patients. Chesapeake Family Magazine, The Consumers Research Council of America, and What’s Up? Magazine of Annapolis MD…


3 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Mouth 

Ever wonder about all the dental care options on the market? Commercials showing new advances in toothbrushes, different types of flossing products, even appliances to clean the mouth and tongue. Here we break down three dental care products to achieve…


Introducing Propel Orthodontics Technology

As highly trained, dedicated dentists, Dr. Scott Finlay and Dr. Chris Anderson are committed to staying on the forefront of dentistry. Our promise to provide high quality, advanced dental care has lead us on a journey to find the most…


Get Treated For Sleep Apnea

Are you constantly being disrupted by loud snoring? Do you wake up with headaches? Do you wake up gasping for air? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have developed obstructive sleep apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is…


Straighten Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

We understand that crooked or misaligned teeth can be embarrassing for adult patients. Most adults don't want to straighten their teeth with traditional metal braces. However, our Arnold dental office offers a discreet, comfortable solution to straighten crooked teeth without…


Why do Dentists Treat your Teeth with Fluoride?

Why do Dentists Treat your Teeth with Fluoride? The Benefits of Fluoride Tooth enamel is hard yet porous. Exposure to certain acids, like plaque forming on the surface of your teeth, can permeate into openings (rods) of the enamel and…


Why am I always tired?

Why do I always feel tired, even after a full night of sleep? Getting a full night of rest is essential for maintaining your overall health. While you sleep your body rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates. Sleeping uninterrupted for at least…


The Dental Oscars

Congratulations, Dr. Finlay On Your 2018 AACD Evy Award! Dr. Scott Finlay is a proud recipient of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry's 2018 Evy Award for "Excellence in Cosmetic Dentistry Education". Dr. Finlay is honored to have received this…


National Dentist Day

Happy National Dentist Day! This month we celebrate all dentists, with a special thanks to our own Dr. Scott Finlay and Dr. Chris Anderson. This month thank your dentist for taking such good care of your oral health by stopping…


How To (Quickly) Straighten Your Teeth

Many patients come to us looking for a solution to achieve a straighter, more beautiful smile. A common complaint we hear when patients require orthodontic treatment is the time it takes to achieve results. Annapolis, MD area dentist Dr. Scott…