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Composite Fillings Annapolis, MD

Dental FillingsAn Overview

Composite Dental FillingsA dental filling is one of the most common dental treatments performed in our family dentist office and plays an important role in helping patients maintain long term dental health.

Tooth fillings are used to repair minor dental concerns including tooth decay and small cracks in the teeth. Completed during a single visit to our Annapolis area dentist office, a composite filling can restore your oral health with lasting results.

We use tooth-colored fillings, called composites, for the most natural looking restorations. This material is made of resin and reinforced with quartz particles to mimic a natural tooth’s physical properties. Composite fillings are able to create a secure seal around the treated area to minimize the risk of future decay or infection.

Many patients also come to us to replace old, dark or failing dental fillings with new, metal-free restorations. Your new white fillings can provide an instant smile makeover.


Dental Fillings What to Expect

Cosmetic Tooth Fillings

To ensure your comfort during the dental filling procedure we will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the treated area.

The next step in the tooth filling procedure is to remove diseased or weakened areas of the tooth. To complete the process, Dr. Finlay or Dr. Lim will carefully sculpt the missing part of the tooth with the new, color matched composite material and permanently bond it into place.

Composite fillings are strong enough to provide years of function and are customized to blend with your natural teeth. You will feel comfortable while eating and look confident with a cleaner, whiter smile.