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Dental Concerns Annapolis, MD

Dr. Scott Finlay is among a few dentists in Maryland with advanced training and experience to solve complex dental problems. Many patients visit our Annapolis dental office with chronic or painful symptoms such as headaches, snoring, or neck pain. Through comprehensive evaluation, we are able to make a precise diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan for lasting relief.

Our primary goal is to bring the teeth and mouth back into health and harmony and provide ongoing preventive services to maintain that standard.

Learn More About Common Dental Concerns:

Frequent Headaches

TMJ dysfunction may be to blame for your frequent headaches. Dr. Finlay is a leading dentist in the United States for the diagnosis and treatment of headaches caused by dental problems. He offers a wide range of solutions for patients seeking a cure for TMJ headaches as well as TMJ treatments for TMJ disorders in general.

Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Are you missing out on sleep because of snoring? Snoring and sleep apnea are two of the most common sleep-related breathing disorders. Whether you are the snorer or the partner of someone who snores, contact Dr. Finlay to learn about treatment options to stop snoring and treat sleep apnea. The position of the jaws and related structures influences the development of sleep apnea, making the dentist a key professional in the diagnosis and treatment.

Bleeding Gums

Gum disease affects over 75% of the adult population. Bleeding gums may be an early warning sign of gum disease. It is caused by plaque buildup that is not properly removed and causes the gums to become inflamed and bleed. We offer a range of treatments to restore your gums to optimal health.


Most Americans experience cavities at some point in their life. Dr. Finlay offers a range of dentistry treatments to treat any stage of a tooth cavity. A tooth filling can treat a tooth cavity and is a simple procedure that can typically be completed in a single visit. If the dental cavity has been left untreated, it may extend to the tooth’s root canal. This typically causes extreme pain or an infection. Root canal therapy is necessary to save your tooth from extraction.

Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is often referred to as “teeth grinding” and affects millions of people. It can cause a lot of damage to your teeth, gums, and jaw. Many people grind their teeth while they sleep and are unaware of the serious damage they are causing to teeth, muscles, and joints. Dr. Finlay offers solutions to help stop teeth grinding.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are not just a cosmetic concern. Did you know that they can contribute to serious health conditions like tooth decay and gum disease? Find out why straightening crooked teeth is so important for your total dental health. Modern dentistry offers comfortable, convenient options for straightening teeth that are discreet and effective. Dr. Finlay offers conservative options that include straightening teeth with or without braces.