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Smile Design With Dr. Scott Finlay

Insider’s Visit to the Dental Lab – Smile Design With Rego

Cross Polarization

Importance of Oral Cancer Screening Exams

Dr. Scott Finlay describes the importance of an Oral Cancer Screening at routine intervals. Oral Cancer Screening is an essential part of your dental check up visits. Over 40,000 people in the US alone will be diagnosed every year with oral cancer and the key to management is early detection.

Understanding Dental Whitening

Professional Dental Whitening is a safe, effective and conservative technique to improve your smile.

Understanding Smile Design

Making esthetic improvements to your smile requires the skills and talents of an experienced, credentialed and well-trained restorative dentist to not only improve the appearance of your smile, but also to improve the health and longevity.

Dr. Finlay Featured on A Better Life

Dr. Finlay is featured on A Better Life hosted by Meredith Baxter. The show focused on self improvement and health issues and was aired in the Spring 2006 on Fox 45 and WBF 54. Dr. Finlay provided valuable information and experience regarding smile enhancements and makeover.

Dr. Finlay interviewed on Fox Morning News

Dr. Finlay is interviewed on Fox Morning News as an expert in Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry.

Scott Finlay DDS Lecture Sample

A sample of the three-day lecture Dr. Finlay gives for the Dawson Academy in the United States and abroad.

Finlay’s Finest Celebrates Their AACD Fellow!

Dr. Finlay and his team traveled to Dallas Texas to celebrate the awarding of Fellow status by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Only 51 dentists nationwide have achieved this recognition in the past 25 years

2010 AACD Newly Accredited Members and Fellow Members

Dr. Finlay is headlined on the Television Show A Bride 2 Be?

Dr. Finlay is headlined on the television show A Bride 2 Be? that was shown on Sunday mornings in the Fall 2006 on channel Fox 45. The program focused on preparations prior to the big day and Dr. Finlay illuminated the options that an individual may have in enhancing their smiles.

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