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Reduce Your Risk of Tooth Loss

You can face a number of complications with the look, feel, and structure of your smile if you lose one or more teeth. You can work with your dentist to replace missing teeth through treatments like implant dentistry. But ideally, you should preserve the natural structure of your smile for as long as possible.

You could lose a tooth for multiple reasons, sometimes due to factors outside of your control. But you can take action to avoid this issue when you prioritize the maintenance of your oral health. Discover how you can prevent irreversible dental damage like tooth loss by reading on.

Reduce Your Risk of Tooth Loss

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

The two most common reasons for tooth loss include gum disease and advanced tooth decay. These dental problems deteriorate gum tissue and dental structure until the tooth no longer has enough support to remain in place in its socket. Both tooth decay and periodontal disease require treatment from a dentist to get rid of.

You can prevent tooth loss by avoiding developing these oral health issues in the first place. This means practicing preventative dental care at home like good oral hygiene. You must make sure to brush your teeth at least twice each day, morning and night. And floss every day as well.

This regimen removes plaque and other harmful residues that encourage bacterial spread in the mouth that would otherwise increase your risk of decay and oral infections. Make sure you stick to a consistent and thorough routine to maximize oral cleanliness and therefore your preventative oral health care.

Attend Regular Dental Check-Ups

In order to maximize oral hygiene, you will need to attend regular teeth cleaning appointments at your dentist’s office. The dentist will scrape away stubborn plaque and tartar build-up on your smile.

It can harm your dental structure without this intervention from your dentist. Your toothbrush and floss cannot reach the entire surface of your teeth. So do not skip this professional dental care.

The dentist will also perform an oral exam at this routine dental check-up. They check your smile for early signs of decay, gum disease, and more. Prompt diagnosis of these issues makes for swifter treatment. Then you can eradicate these problems before they progress and cause tooth loss.

Take Urgent Action During a Dental Emergency

You might also lose a tooth due to an accidental dental injury. If you knock out a tooth due to a blow to the face, there is a chance that a dentist can save it and restore it back to your smile. But you will need to take urgent action and contact your dentist right away.

Time is of the essence, and you will need to attend an emergency dental appointment for optimal chances of success in saving this tooth. If the tooth sustains too much damage, the dentist might not be able to put it back in your mouth. So take care when handling the tooth and bringing it to your dentist’s office.