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Prioritize Your Smile in the Morning

Notice a fuzzy grit on your teeth when you first wake up in the morning? This film on your teeth’s surface is known as plaque. It develops when natural oral bacteria cling to the teeth, and it can eat away at your dental structure.

We remove plaque in the morning by brushing our teeth, and this oral hygiene plays a major role in maintaining the health and appearance of your smile. But did you know that the timing of your morning oral hygiene routine can impact its effectiveness?

Paying attention to your oral habits will enable you to keep your smile looking and feeling its best, even on hectic mornings. Find tips from your dentist that can help you start your day off on the right foot with your oral health when you read on.

Prioritize Your Smile in the Morning

Timing for Morning Teeth Brushing

The best time to brush your teeth in the morning depends on the rest of your usual routine. People who commute to work may have a smaller window of time to eat breakfast, complete oral hygiene, and leave their house. But if you work from home, you may have some flexibility in your schedule to incorporate more diligent oral hygiene.

Dentists ask their patients to wait one hour after eating breakfast to complete their morning teeth-brushing regimen. This delay between activities will be especially important if you consume acidic foods or drinks, like orange juice or coffee.

These items will irritate the enamel of the teeth. When you scrub your teeth with a toothbrush before the teeth can recover, then you might weaken your dental structure.

If you cannot wait the entire hour after eating to brush your teeth, you may want to brush first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Then you can ensure you get the oral hygiene you need without disrupting your schedule. If you prefer, you can rinse with mouthwash to freshen your breath before you leave home.

Eat a Smile-Friendly Breakfast

The types of foods you consume for breakfast can also influence your oral health. Pay attention to your breakfast food options and consider choosing ones that can help your teeth.

Acidic or sugary foods and beverages can cause dental erosion, so you may want to limit these items in your diet. Instead, try crunchy foods like apples or nuts that may scrape harmful plaque from your teeth as you chew. Then you can clean your smile while eating.

Calcium-rich foods can strengthen your teeth by fortifying the enamel. Including these items in your breakfast menu may reduce your risk of cavities. Start your day off on a strong note with smoothies, cheesy eggs, or yogurt.

Use the Best Oral Hygiene Supplies

Proper tools can make your oral hygiene routine more efficient and beneficial for your smile. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush rather than a hard one to scrub your teeth effectively without hurting your enamel.

Look for a toothpaste brand that contains fluoride. This way, you can strengthen your dental structure while enhancing your toothbrush’s cleaning ability. You may also benefit from an antibacterial mouthwash, which will reduce your risk of oral infections like gum disease.