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Is Tooth Recontouring Right for Me?

Have you noticed that your teeth have an irregular shape? Does one tooth seem to be a little longer than the rest of your smile? Aesthetic concerns in your smile can bother you to the point that you feel a blow to your overall confidence. Your dentist can help you achieve the smile of your dreams with cosmetic dentistry.

You may feel tempted to file down a tooth yourself to achieve your cosmetic smile goals. But attempting this dental work on your own could severely and irreversibly hurt your teeth. Your dentist can perform this process in a treatment known as tooth recontouring.

This dental procedure will not suit everyone, so you should schedule a cosmetic dental consultation to determine the best treatment option for your unique smile. Read on to learn details about tooth recontouring and why it may be the right treatment for your dental goals.

Is Tooth Recontouring Right for Me

Why Consider Tooth Recontouring?

Dental recontouring involves the dentist removing a minute amount of enamel, the outermost layer of your tooth. Dentists can use it for cosmetic dentistry purposes in order to make a tooth have a more even and regular shape.

They may also employ recontouring to improve oral health, such as to reduce overcrowding in patients with large-sized teeth or small jaws. This allows the patient to more easily and comfortably chew and speak.

Irregularly shaped teeth may exert uneven pressure when biting, which can lead to damage to the teeth as well as strain in the jaw. Recontouring can reshape the teeth to fix these bite problems and prevent serious dental concerns.

The dentist can also use recontouring to improve the fit of oral appliances or fixtures. For instance, a dentist may file down a tooth to make room for dental crowns, dentures, and more. This ensures a comfortable and secure fit in your smile that will allow the treatment to last as long as possible.

Trust Your Dentist to Reshape Your Smile

Though dental recontouring can have clear benefits for your smile, you will still need to talk to a dentist before this treatment. Removing enamel from your tooth is a permanent dental solution. Enamel will not regenerate once gone. So a dentist will ensure that it is the best option for your smile before proceeding.

You may also think that you can perform this procedure yourself, but this is unsafe. You might remove too much enamel and expose the vulnerable interior of your tooth. This will make you more susceptible to tooth decay and other dental problems. Plus, you might reveal nerves that will leave you in pain without dental intervention.

Prevent these complications by visiting your dentist about dental recontouring. They can ensure the procedure goes smoothly and you will not feel any discomfort during the treatment.

Schedule a dental consultation in Annapolis, MD today by calling 410.989.7132. Whether you hope to achieve your smile aesthetic goals or resolve lingering oral health complications, tooth recontouring might help you achieve your desired results.