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Dental Implants vs Dentures Annapolis, MD

Patients who are missing most or all of their teeth will need to replace those teeth with either dentures or dental implants. Annapolis Smiles offers both options and wants patients to understand the pros and cons of each. Dr. Scott Finlay has restored hundreds of smiles using dental implants and will recommend them over dentures because of the many benefits they offer.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

  • Cost – The difference in cost between dentures and implants is significant. A dental implant-supported denture will cost more than a denture alone. While dentures do cost less upfront, they require adhesives, cleaning products, replacements, and maintenance. All those costs will add up over the years and will most likely exceed the cost of teeth implants. Teeth implants require a substantial amount of money, however, they offer a much higher quality of life and are better for your health. Additionally, with proper care, they will last forever.
  • Fit – Dentures are known for being bulky in the mouth and will take some time to get used to. They are held in place by suction, clasps, and/or adhesive which can be very messy. Additionally, the adhesive may not always be reliable or the suction can break loose. If dentures do not fit properly or if the fit changes over the years, they can slip around and will cause sores or gum irritation. An implant-supported denture is secure and will fit seamlessly in your mouth. They will never move around in your mouth since the implants are secured in the bone. There is also no need for messy adhesive!
  • Bone loss – Without teeth roots, bone loss in the jaw is inevitable. Dental implants are the only solution to replace missing teeth at the root. This will prevent bone deterioration and all the negative side effects of that. Denture wearers should expect the fit of their restoration to change over the years due to bone re-absorption. This will also change the facial features, creating a sunken-in mouth, pointed chin, and facial wrinkles. Dental implants will help you avoid premature aging in the face by supporting the underlying bone.
  • Diet – Everyone knows that while wearing dentures, you must avoid certain foods due to lack of chewing force. Hard, chewy, or sticky foods will need to be avoided altogether. This will limit your diet and many healthy foods. Dental implant-supported dentures offer a higher chewing force allowing you to consume a greater variety of food.
  • Treatment Time – You can have a set of dentures placed in about a month’s time. A dental implant-supported denture, however, is a more in-depth process that takes months to complete and sometimes up to a year if pre-treatment is necessary. The implant posts will need to be surgically placed and will need time to fuse with the surrounding bone. While they do take longer, denture implants offer a more natural solution to tooth replacement.

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