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Custom Mouth Guard Annapolis

There are several types of mouth guards we offer in our Annapolis dental office. Night guards help prevent tooth grinding. Snore guards improve snoring and sleep apnea. The most popular mouth guards we make, though, are sports mouth guards.

Custom Sports Mouth Guards Annapolis

For many sports, mouth guards are mandatory. They are designed to protect the teeth in the event of a collision or other traumatic force. Over the counter mouth guards are often sufficient, but they aren’t always comfortable. A mouth guard that isn’t comfortable, not worn properly, or not worn at all is ineffective.

A custom mouth guard is made to fit specifically over your teeth and gums.

Benefits of Custom Mouth Guard

  • A comfortable fit: they are made from impressions of your teeth
  • Maximum available protection: the secure fit ensures the best possible protection of teeth and gums and may reduce the forces of impact that can cause a concussion
  • Better compliance: with the ability to drink fluids while wearing it, users are more likely to keep a comfortable mouth guard in place
  • Oral appliance protection: a custom fit mouth guard can be made to accommodate braces and other oral appliances to avoid breakage and damage to the gums

Fitting for a custom mouth guard is quick, painless and can be completed during a routine preventive care visit to our Arnold dentist office. Once complete, we will contact you for pick up.