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Beautiful Smiles With Invisalign

Our smile and our teeth are a big part of the first impression we make with everyone we meet. It can have a pleasant and positive impact or possibly a negative effect. This is aside from the fact that crooked teeth or improper bite alignment can interfere with proper chewing; place strain on the teeth, jaws and muscles causing potential tooth breakage; make cleaning teeth difficult and therefore increase the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis; and finally, lower self-esteem due to self-conscious feelings about appearance. Some causes of crooked teeth or a misaligned bite vary from inherited trait, facial injury, thumb sucking, early loss of teeth, overcrowding, improper fit of dental restorations, and jaw size.

Fortunately, these problems can be fixed and a beautiful smile can be just around the corner. Braces are no longer just for pre-teens and teenagers. More people are taking care of their teeth and beautifying their smile later in life with various methods of cosmetic dentistry. It is not unusual to see adults in their fifties and later, with braces.

Today the finest orthodontic alternative to metal braces is Invisalign. The method is simple, gradual and comfortable. Invisalign custom makes clear plastic aligner trays to fit the client which pop on over the teeth. Every two weeks, the client pops on a new set. Office visits are required only every four to six weeks saving more time. The beautiful smile starts immediately because the aligners are invisible. Most people will not know the client is in orthodontic treatment. Although the end result, that beautiful and confident smile, is the same and the cost is about the same as metal braces, the advantages are hard to ignore. Because the Invisalign trays can be removed, the client may eat any type of food desired and then brush and floss normally. For Invisalign Teen, six replacement aligners are provided free if lost or broken.