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Smile Design

True dental esthetics can only be a reflection of the relative health of your mouth.  If something doesn’t quite look right, there is usually a reason why.  As you begin to consider changes to your smile, it is essential to first understand what signs exist in your smile today that are indications of malfunctions in their current design or disease that has resulted is the obvious blemishes that you intend to correct.

Smile design, without careful consideration to functional and biological health of your smile can only be wrought with failure in the longer term. In the proper hands, training and experience, esthetic enhancements to your smile should not only improve the appearance of your teeth, but also improve their health and longevity.    It is our mission to identify these critical issues that are causing this deterioration and listen to what your concerns are to improve your smile.  It is only with this information that we can design a plan that is best for you to create the most predictable results for the long term and improve your dental health.

So how is this process completed, and how do you know what it is going to look like in your mouth when it is completed?  How long will it take and how much will it cost?  How do I pay for it?  Is it the right thing to do?  These are often questions that patients have that create hurdles in achieving the smile that they desire.

The process all begins with a complete exam.  We start with an interview to listen to your concerns and understand what your goals are in achieving a great smile.  After a review of your medical history, we begin to collect data through the use of a clinical exam, dental radiographs, digital photography, diagnostic mounted models and computer assisted technologies to help quantify occlusal forces on your teeth that often result in wear and fractured teeth and restorations.  From a study of this information, the restorative dentist can create a Dental Blueprint that begins to marry the functional health design requirements with the desired esthetic result.  This Blueprint can then be evaluated by the dentist and the patient through two modalities: imaging of dental photographs and a diagnostic wax up of the patient’s actual smile.  This diagnostic wax up is essentially a simulation in 3 dimensions of your smile that allow us to test our design.  From this 3 dimensional study we can then create a series of templates that allows us to be efficient and conservative when we begin that actual preparation of teeth.  All the steps in treatment up to this point are completed without implementing any actual changes to the teeth.

Once the dental blueprint is created, and all the aspects of treatment are understood and anticipated, the definitive treatment can be completed.  We want your visit to be as comfortable as possible.  We understand the anxiety that is normal with every procedure whether it is a single tooth or an entire smile.  We will discuss those protocols and options that are available to you to insure that your time spent in the dental chair is a pleasant one.