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Creating Predictable Esthetic Results with Modern Ceramics

Scott Finlay DDS, FAGD, FAACD | Friday, July 29,2011
2011 Continuing Dental Education Summer Symposium
Ocean City, Maryland

The baby boomers are coming of age.  They represent a significant demographic with very special dental needs.  They enter our offices asking to improve their oral health and their smiles.  Many have done their online research and are requesting veneers, whitening and Invisalign.  Our challenge becomes the restoration and repair of these smiles with plastic and glass, predictably and durably. The economy has influenced the mindset of the consumer and has resulted in more educated shoppers who put great value on having it done right the first time.  Will they choose you for the investment that they are about to make?

The focus of this program is to create a perspective and illustrate, through lecture and clinical video, a protocol that is essential is creating predictable esthetic results with modern ceramics.  As dentists, we are flooded with the commercial hype from manufacturers about the latest and greatest materials and products.  We are pressured by the allure and demand of dental esthetics in our communities and by the media.  Who are we to believe?  How do we make the best decisions in materials and techniques that will help insure excellent results for our patients?  What are the key ingredients to our success?

Learning Objectives:

•Understand the critical relationship between function and esthetics
•Learn the four key steps to creating predictable anterior restorations
•Designing exquisite provisional prototypes and understanding their importance in creating predictable ceramic restorations
•Understanding the key elements in lab communication
•Comparing the myriad of dental ceramics available today and understanding the properties inherent to each that will help us choose the best materials to insure our success
•Understanding proper preparation designs and when to use a veneer and when not to
•Learning how to assess the restorations that are received from the lab and when to cement and when not to
•An overview of dental adhesion and the decisions in choosing the best cement and adhesive system to retain your restorations
•Understanding the critical steps in delivering beautiful esthetic restorations
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