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Choosing the Right Dentist

Choosing the right dentist is a very personal and important decision related to your health. After all, an enormous amount of trust is placed in this individual to be the guardian of your dental health. In addition to the aptitude to properly diagnose and make treatment recommendations, this professional needs to be able to perform these procedures with expertise, skill and finesse. How can you make a choice amongst the many accessible doctors with DDS at the end of their name?

Here are some recommendations in gathering information to help make this important selection:

•Contact friends and family and ask who their dentist is and what their experiences are.
•If you are looking for a general or cosmetic dentist, contact other dental specialists (such as an oral surgeon, orthodontist or periodontist) and ask for a referral.  Ask for the best in your area, who they would seek care from if they had an immediate concern.
•Call perspective offices and ask questions about the types of dentistry that the practice provides.  Is the staff member friendly and inviting?  Are they willing to take the time to answer your questions?
•Set up a visit to the practice for a visit.  Is the facility up to date, clean and reflect the professionalism that you expect.  Does the team enthusiastically support the doctor?
•Ask to look at photographs of examples of the treatment that the doctor has completed.
•Has the doctor made a career commitment to continuing education?  Is he passionate about the care he provides?
•Has the doctor earned additional credentials related to his field of practice?  Have other professionals recognized him as a leader in his field? Some potential resources on the Internet are and

Finding the right dentist is the beginning of a long-term relationship to help insure the health of your smile.  Cost and insurance coverage can often be a limiting concern, but always keep in mind that having something done twice, because it didn’t meet expectations the first time is always far more expensive, often yielding a compromised result.

Baltimore Magazine and What’s Up Annapolis Magazine conduct a bi-annual survey of practicing dentists in their respective areas.  Thousands of dentists are polled by asking, whom would you go to if you had a dental concern that required treatment?  Who do you consider the Top Doc in the area to be?  Dr. Scott Finlay is a general dentist in the Annapolis area.  Both the Baltimore Magazine and What’s Up Annapolis have perennially selected him as the Top Dentist.  For more information, visit