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Oral piercings and the effects on dental health

The adolescent and young adult years are a time to find your identity and express your personality. In recent years Dr. Finlay and his team of dental professionals in the Annapolis area have anecdotally observed an increase in the incidence of lip and cheek piercing, and in particular, tongue piercings. The incidence of piercings is across all social economic levels.

All intra and perioral piercings have an effect on an individual’s health.  Some examples of potential complications include swelling and infection of the tongue, damage to the sublingual gland, aspiration, damage to the teeth and supporting soft tissues and nerve damage.  The presence of a foreign body provides an additional surface for bacteria to grow.  Individuals considering an oral piercing should confidentially consult with their dentist or hygienist to discuss the impact it may have on their health.  Those that have piercings should schedule more frequent recare visits to closely monitor and address issues as they develop if they elect to continue with the piercing.

Dr. Finlay and his team of dental professionals are sensitive both as health care providers and parents in managing personal choices in our lives.  They are dedicated however, in maintaining their patient’s dental health and preventatively keeping their smiles bright.  For more questions or information, please contact Dr. Finlay and his team at 410.757.6681 or visit their web site at