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Treating Crooked Teeth In Adulthood

Did you know that your teeth can shift over your lifetime?

aligning crooked teeth in Annapolis MarylandAn imbalanced bite can cause oral health consequences. But what many patients may not realize is that teeth can shift as you age. Whether you had orthodontic treatments as a young adult or not, teeth can shift causing dental health complications later in life. There are a number of reasons why teeth can shift. Dr. Scott Finlay provides comprehensive treatment for crooked teeth in adult patients from the comfort of his Annapolis, MD Dentist office.

Many patients begin to notice teeth shifting in their 30’s.

The major contributors to shifting teeth are:

  • Unbalanced Bite: Teeth that collide and progressively push will result in fracture, wear or movement.
  • Cavities: Inappropriately designed fillings or dental restorations can cause changes to your teeth and your bite that can result in the shifting of teeth. If cavities are not treated, teeth can shift due to the loss of tooth structure.
  • Periodontal Disease: The loss of supporting bone and gums caused by progressive gum disease can make teeth loose and more susceptible to movement. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss and should be treated as soon as possible.
  • Tooth Loss: If a tooth is missing, the adjacent or opposing tooth will shift towards the gap since there is no longer a stabilizing contact from the missing tooth.
  • Genetics: Even if you are born with straight teeth, your genes could dictate that your teeth will shift at some point due to the cumulative effects described above.

Realigning Crooked Teeth

Visiting the dentist every six months can prevent teeth from shifting. Dr. Finlay is able to intercept these issues early and can offer conservative treatment options to prevent further movement and additional dental health complications. Your six-month dental checkups will include a visual screening for other contributing factors like tooth grinding for early intervention and treatment. If you ever notice any changes in your oral health while brushing or flossing, such as floss that slips with no resistance and areas where food is collecting, be sure to alert your Finlay dentist.

A retainer or night guard is a simple, noninvasive treatment options that can help protect your teeth from damage or shifting. Dr. Finlay or Dr. Finlay will fit you with a custom designed mouthguard or retainer for a secure and comfortable fit.

For patients with more complex misalignment, Dr. Finlay may recommend Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear aligner system that can comfortably and discreetly realign crooked teeth. Invisalign is ideal for teen and adult patients looking for a way to straighten teeth, realign their bite, and enjoy a more beautiful smile.

If you notice that your teeth have started to shift in adulthood, make sure you visit a professional like Annapolis area dentist Dr. Scott Finlay, DDS who provides general dentistry services with a special interest in the comprehensive approach to cosmetic/restorative dentistry, to provide the right solution for you.