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The Whole Family is Welcome at Annapolis Smiles

A family dental practice treats patients of all ages, but family dentistry can be valuable to patients who do not have children too. The benefits of visiting dentists who treat patients of varying ages can help you and your unique dental needs. Dr. Scott Finlay, a dentist in Annapolis, MD, describes the benefits you can expect when you choose a family dental dentist annapolis md

Prioritizing patient comfort

Sometimes children are fearful of dental work, but kids are not the only ones who can be nervous during their dental appointment. Annapolis Smiles has a designated children’s area in our reception area where kids can be entertained and have time to get comfortable with the location. If they feel at ease, they can be more relaxed during their appointment.

This priority of ensuring patients are comfortable in our office carries over to adults too. We keep patients informed during every step of their dental treatment to make sure they are comfortable throughout the entire process. We are always ready to answer questions and consult to cater to your specific health needs and goals.

Specializing in preventative treatment

The dental team at Annapolis Smiles are experts in dental care, including preventative treatment. Children need preventative care as they grow and develop permanent teeth, but adult patients need this too. During a regular appointment, you can expect your dentist to complete a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. This removes plaque and tartar that can develop over time and lead to tooth decay or gum disease if left untreated.

These conditions can lead to more costly and invasive dental work down the line, so it saves you time and money to see an expert for regular preventative dental care. Your dentist can also monitor your teeth alignment and jawbone health with X-ray imaging. They can see potential issues before they become a major problem with this method, including wisdom teeth growth or impaction.

Staying prepared for anything

Children can be rambunctious, and guardians know they have to be ready for any situation when it comes to their kids. Most of our team at Annapolis Smiles have kids of their own, so we take the same precautions and preparations with our patients. We are ready to treat young patients as well as those seeking geriatric dental care. For that reason, we are flexible and prepared to address your unique dental needs.

Visit an Annapolis family dentist today

Annapolis Smiles offers general and preventative dentistry for patients of all ages. Dr. Finlay is a family dentist also specializing in cosmetic, restorative, and implant dentistry for patients near Annapolis, MD. To schedule an appointment with us, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.989.7132.