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Don’t Skip Your Regular Dentist Appointment

With the emergency restrictions set worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, routine appointments have been pushed to the wayside. Many dental patients saw their regular check-ups and cleanings canceled at the beginning of the pandemic. Now that safety regulations are in place, you should contact your dentist to maintain your regular appointments. Dr. Scott Finlay, a dentist serving the greater Annapolis area, discusses the risks for patients who delay or skip their dental appointments.general dentist in annapolis md

Essential cleaning

Over time, your teeth collect plaque. This can be removed with proper oral hygiene habits. Dentists recommend brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily, preferably at night, to remove plaque that developed during the day. Plaque that remains on your teeth can harden into tartar, making it hard to get rid of bacteria through brushing.

Dentists can eliminate plaque and tartar that forms in hard-to-reach places in your mouth. Dentists recommend visiting your dental professional every six months for this routine cleaning. Untreated plaque and tartar can cause tooth decay, damaging your teeth. This can lead to costly dental work down the road, so maintaining proper oral hygiene is crucial. Dental visits are an important part of good oral health habits.

Professional evaluation

During your routine visit, your dentist will evaluate your oral health through an examination of your teeth and gums. Your dentist can check for signs of cavities or tooth decay, gum recession, bite misalignment, or other issues that can affect your teeth and gums. Your medical history plays a role in this evaluation, so it is important to visit the dentist regularly to ensure your record is up to date. The dentist can use X-ray imaging to get an accurate, detailed look at your teeth.

A routine dental appointment is an ideal time to speak to your dentist about any concerns. If you experience any tooth pain or sensitivity or notice any other symptoms, you should let your dentist know. You can also bring up cosmetic queries with your dentist. You and your dentist can work together to develop a plan to achieve your aesthetic goals for your smile.

Preventative action

Professional cleaning and scraping off plaque and tartar are important steps to keeping your mouth healthy. Your dentist can also help with other preventative care. Regular dental check-ups will find potential problems in the early stages. Your dentist can fix these issues before they require costly or invasive treatment. Your dentist can also provide a fluoride treatment in which your teeth are coated in a fluoride gel. The fluoride strengthens tooth enamel, making it easier to fight tooth decay.

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