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Try Eating These Items Regularly For A Healthy Smile

Try Eating These Items Regularly For A Healthy SmileYou may not realize it, but you can really have a Hollywood smile and live in Washington DC. You can achieve this without investing large amounts of money into your smile as well. First things first, you must have an excellent oral hygiene routine in place. We can help improve your daily oral hygiene routine if needed. However, you can make sure now that you are brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash in your current oral hygiene routine.

Another way to help your smile out is your diet. We know that you may not have time to meal prep, but it really does not take that long to do. If you still do not have time to meal prep, then we have listed some items that you can try to include in your daily diet.

  • Vitamin C
    • Try to get vitamin C in your diet as it is not only great for your body but also your smile. Oranges, bananas, and oatmeal are excellent sources of vitamin C. If you do really enjoy any foods that are high in Vitamin C, then try taking a supplement of Vitamin C.
  • Vitamins B12 & Vitamin B
    • These vitamins are excellent for your teeth and can be found in foods that you probably already enjoy. Lean meats and fish are loaded with these vitamins, and they will help your smile glow for years to come. Not only that, there are tons of recipes on Pinterest that include lean meats and fish.
  • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin D is awesome for protecting your teeth, and you have probably had heard at some point in your childhood that milk does a body good. It sure does, and that is one of the most accurate punchlines that have ever come out.
  • Teas
    • If you are a coffee drinking, then try switching out your morning cup of coffee with a cup of black or green tea. Black & green teas are known to help prevent cavities as they contain a compound that will prevent bacteria from settling inside your mouth.

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