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Dental Technology For Better Dental Care

Dr. Scott Finlay is not only experienced dentists with advanced dental training, they are a team of compassionate dentists whose work focuses on the needs and care of the individual patient. Their Annapolis dentist office is equipped with the latest in dental technology for durable and lasting cosmetic dental restorations. Today’s dental technology allows for earlier diagnosis and more precise and sustainable dental treatments.

Dental Technology Annapolis, MD

Dental technology makes dentistry more precise and effective. Below is an explanation of just a few of the new advancements in dentistry and how they will benefit your oral health.

Dental Digital Impressions:

If you have ever had an impression of your teeth taken you may know it can be a messy and uncomfortable procedure. Dental Digital impressions use a handheld oral scanner to take a series of video images of your mouth. This technology can create highly accurate digital 3-D imaging of your teeth.

How It Benefits Me: Dental digital impressions eliminate the need for putty impressions up to 80% of the time. More accurate images of your teeth and bite can help Dr. Finlay and Dr. Lim apply more accurate treatments for your best oral health.

T- Scan:

The T-Scan is used to manage the main causes for dental deterioration which are force and bacteria. The T-scan is a thin plastic strip embedded with pressure sensors that are hooked up to data analysis computer software. Dr. Finlay and Dr. Lim can use this data to determine and balance the force of your bite.

How It Benefits Me: Having a properly aligned bite can benefit your cosmetic appeal and oral health. T-Scan allows our Annapolis dentist to ensure that your bite is properly aligned for the comfort and function of your smile. With the increase in use of porcelain veneers and dental implants properly aligned bites are more essential than ever. Improperly balanced force on these dental restorations can lead to breakage. The T-Scan can ensure a proper and even bite for the longevity of your dental restoration.

Dental Lasers:

Laser dentistry is best effective for the use of treating soft tissue and gums. Lasers can be used for crown lengthening, periodontal tissue recontouring, frenectomies, or for the treatment of gum disease.

How It Benefits Me: Dental lasers eliminate the need for stitches and invasive gum surgery. They also shorten needed down time after a gum procedure and can possibly rule out the need for anesthesia in some cases. Laser dentistry can restore your smile in less time, with reduced discomfort.

For state of the art dentistry and compassionate dental care, contact our Annapolis area dentist office to schedule an appointment.