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Digital Technology & Dentistry: Improving the Patient Experience

Annapolis dentist Dr. Scott Finlay was one of the first area dentists to incorporate the use of digital technology into his Arnold dentist office, recognizing early on the potential diagnostic and treatment planning benefits it offered for both dentist and patient.

Digital radiographs, or digital x-rays, not only expose patients to less radiation but provide the dentist with a clearer, sometimes multi-dimensional view of a patient’s oral cavity. These images can be generated rapidly after taken and are able to be stored permanently in digital form for sharing between practitioners or future reference. Dr. Finlay can also manipulate the image with computer software to aid in diagnoses or treatment planning, providing a more accurate result in both cases. The development of 3-D imaging for radiography has enabled restorative dentist like Dr. Finlay to plan dental implant procedures with pinpoint accuracy that delivers better results: the highly detailed images allow Dr. Finlay to plan the placement of the implanted post in ideal locations within the jaw minimizing tissue damage.

Dr. Finlay also extensively uses digital photography in cosmetic or restorative cases, allowing him to gain a bette understanding of possible outcomes with computer generated simulations of specific treatments. This is especially helpful for a patient trying to understand or choose between dental procedures. Digital photographs are also stored permanently in a patient’s digital records, available for future reference and comparison when monitoring dental health.

Through years of experience and post graduate education in multiple fields of dentistry, Dr. Finlay has embraced the role that digital technology can play in providing the best possible results for his patients and dentistry that is both comfortable and lasting.