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Dental Technology Benefits both Doctor and Patient

Technological advances have brought incredible changes to our every day lives- including a visit to the dentist!

Dr. Finlay and Dr. Lim have incorporated some of the latest in dental technology into their Annapolis area dental practice in order to offer their patients more accurate diagnoses and more comfortable and convenient treatments.

Digital technology has transformed the ability of dentists to evaluate a patient’s oral health and to diagnose problems in the early stages when conservative treatment is most effective. With the use of digital x-rays and imaging, Dr. Finlay and Dr. Lim have immediate clear pictures of a patient’s entire occlusal system that can be used for preventive diagnosis and for future reference and comparison- these images are stored in a patient’s permanent record. Digital imaging can also allow Dr. Finlay or Dr. Lim to predict how a particular restorative or cosmetic procedure may change someone’s smile. Dr. Finlay has been a local pioneer in the use of digital imaging for dentistry, offering his patients the benefit of more personalized treatment.

Dr. Finlay has expanded the use of digital technology to include digital impressions. Using the Lava C.O.S. system, he is able to use digital images created by a tiny optical wand to create restorations that are precisely fit. This technology has been able to replace the use of uncomfortable impression trays and putty in 80% of patients!

Laser dentistry technology can offer dental patients many benefits, including more accurate treatment of the soft tissues of the mouth (such as the gums) with fewer side effects. In many cases, there is no need for anesthesia which can greatly reduce recovery time. Laser dentistry enables Dr. Finlay and Dr. Lim to perform procedures that previously would have required sutures, another benefit for patients who experience expedited healing after a treatment.

Dr. Finlay and Dr. Lim have incorporated dental technology to enhance their experience and ensure that their patients receive the highest level of dental care that will restore and maintain optimal oral health.

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