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Healthy Gums Means a Healthy Smile

When we think of our smile, we usually think of our teeth and their appearance- we don’t think of our gums and whether they are healthy or not. Truth be told, healthy gums are the foundation for a healthy, beautiful smile. Our periodontal health is important and necessary to support healthy tooth structure as well as maintain overall health and wellness. Gum disease has been shown to be linked to a higher level of risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes. Maintaining healthy gums is necessary for maintaining optimal dental health and avoiding tooth decay and loss.

Dr. Finlay has extensive experience treating patients with gum disease and its effects. He offers a variety of periodontal treatment options, depending on a patient’s health situation, all of which will restore oral health. Dr. Finlay and his staff are consistently participating in educational opportunities to update both their knowledge and techniques in periodontal therapy. They will take the time with each patient to educate them as well on good at home oral hygiene practices that will complement their treatment and maintain results.

Dr. Finlay believes that periodontal health is the foundation for overall oral health and all new patients will receive a periodontal health screening during their first routine preventive care visit. This allows Dr. Finlay to establish a baseline and offer treatment if necessary to restore the gums to health.

Visiting the dentist for twice yearly cleanings and exams will help to ensure that both the teeth and the gums are staying healthy, and also provides an opportunity for any developing problems to be noticed early when more conservative procedures are most effective. We all want to keep our smile looking its best, and good periodontal and preventive care is paramount to doing so.

Dr. Finlay and his staff offer their Annapolis area patients treatment plans for any stage of gum disease in their Arnold office. They are equipped with the latest dental technology that will make patients feel more comfortable and deliver effective, lasting results.

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