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Prevent Tooth Breakage by Avoiding These Foods

Every day, your teeth experience a great deal of wear and tear when you chew your food. Usually, this occurs without issue, but biting down on hard foods could cause your teeth to chip, crack, or fracture.

Dental professionals deem this a dental emergency that will require prompt restorative dental treatment to fix. However, you can avoid this dental damage if you know which foods pose a risk to your smile. Dr. Scott Finlay, a dentist serving patients in Annapolis, MD and the surrounding area, lists four foods that have the potential to break your teeth if you are not careful.

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4 Food Items That Could Hurt Your Smile


Popcorn is a delicious and fun snack that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home or out at a movie theater. People enjoy its light, fluffy texture, but your bowl may also contain hard, unpopped kernels.

If you bite into one of these kernels, you could break one or more teeth. A crack in your tooth can deepen or worsen over time, so if you do sustain damage to your smile, seek prompt restorative treatment from your dentist.


Bagels and other types of hard bread can make excellent sandwiches for any time of day. Though you may assume that bread is soft, bagels are denser than you might guess.

Biting into one could potentially hurt your teeth. If you break a tooth, your dentist will likely need to use a dental crown to protect the interior of your tooth and restore your smile.

Hard Candy

Hard candy is made from boiled sugary syrup that hardens when cooled to create a sweet treat. It is designed to be sucked in the mouth until it dissolves, but it can be tempting to bite down on this candy.

Crunching on hard candy can cause a tooth to crack, chip, or fracture, so you should avoid this act. However, if you do break a tooth, you should not hesitate to call your dentist for urgent treatment.

Corn on the Cob

Many people enjoy the fun, hands-on way of eating corn on the cob. But our teeth are not built to bite down on the cob of an ear of corn. Grating teeth against a corn cob could result in major damage to your smile. If you choose to eat this unique food, be careful so that you do not accidentally break any of your teeth.

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