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Should I Get Six Month Smiles?

Are you unhappy with the crooked front teeth that show in your smile? It’s time to get things straightened out. While there are many options for teeth straightening, Six Month Smiles is the quickest way to get you straighter teeth. Less obvious than traditional metal braces and faster than Invisalign, learn if you should head to Scott Finlay & Associates in Annapolis, MD to get Six Month Smiles.six month smiles in Annapolis MD

What’s Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and wires that match the color of teeth. This is to make sure that the braces are as invisible as possible, unlike metal braces. The process is also quicker than both traditional braces and Invisalign. The treatment takes about four to nine months. Your teeth are permanently straightened with the use of a retainer at night, similar to metal braces.

What are the Benefits of Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles is a great way to straighten your smile, for adults especially. They’re made to be practically invisible and to take less time than other methods of teeth straightening. You don’t have to wait for years to get the smile you want.

Less time to straighten also means that you have fewer visits to the dentist. This makes it a convenient method for busy people that don’t have time to go to the dentist frequently to get their braces adjusted. In addition, these cost less than various other methods of fixing your smile. It doesn’t have to break the bank for you to get the smile you deserve.

Is Six Month Smiles Right for Me?

Though they’re convenient and cheaper, Six Month Smiles isn’t right for everyone. For instance, this is solely a cosmetic option. These are only for straightening your front teeth. It’s to make sure that the front of your smile is the one you want to show off. However, this means that any problems you have with your actual bite won’t be fixed. Traditional braces and Invisalign are meant to fix the way you bite and the way your teeth fit together.

However, this is a great option if you have rotated and crooked teeth in the front of your mouth that you want to fix. Six Month Smiles can also fix overcrowding of teeth and any that are turned or rotated. It’s a quick way for you to be more confident when you’re showing off your pearly whites.

What Can I Expect From Six Month Smiles?

If you’ve ever had traditional braces, Six Month Smiles is a similar setup. It uses a bracket and wire system to move and adjust your teeth. Impressions and x-rays are taken to see if Six Month Smiles is the right option for you. Our dentists want to make sure that this is a method that’s going to work for you, without needing more work in the future. If you have more severe bite problems or other orthodontic issues, the dentist may recommend another form of treatment for your crooked teeth.

The brackets for Six Month Smiles come in convenient custom bonding trays. They’re positioned exactly so the dentist can put them on quickly and easily when you go in for your appointments. The trays with the brackets are put onto your teeth and then bonded into place. The trays are removed and wires are attached. The special shape-memory wires are designed to work perfectly every time. Similar to traditional braces, you’ll have to go back to the dentist every month or so to get things readjusted.

Six Month Smiles in Annapolis, MD

Do you think Six Month Smiles is right to straighten your smile? Call your quality dentist in Annapolis, Maryland or request an appointment online today!