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Dental Crowns Annapolis

Dental crowns, also called dental caps or teeth caps, are used to add strength to teeth, improving their function and overall esthetics. Dental crowns can be used to fix cracked teeth and crooked teeth, as well as other flaws.

Dental crowns serve a similar purpose as porcelain veneers, however these dental treatments differ significantly. Porcelain veneers conceal only the front of the teeth, while dental crowns cover the entire tooth like a cap. This enables crowns to improve both the appearance and strength of your teeth.

Dental Crowns Before & After

“For along time, I was truly embarrassed and ashamed by my teeth. I rarely smile and when I did I always covered my mouth. Now I smile all the time and with confidence.”
Dental Crown Before and After Photos 

Many patients attest to the comfort and natural beauty of dental crowns. We have success stories from Annapolis and the Baltimore, Maryland area. See more dental crown before and after photos and read more patient testimonials in our smile gallery.

Porcelain Dental Crowns

While there are many options for materials used in dental crowns, Dr. Finlay chooses porcelain dental crowns because of their superior esthetics and long term durability. Once thought to be less durable than metal crowns on teeth, porcelain crowns have shown excellent long term results with proper treatment planning.

Metal free dental crowns do not discolor the gum area like conventional metal dental caps. Especially in the smile zone, metal free dental crowns are the gold standard for creating a beautiful, natural looking appearance.

Replacing Dental Crowns

With the advancement of porcelain dental crowns and natural esthetics, many patients are coming to Dr. Finlay to replace metal dental crowns. Replacing dental crowns is a simple procedure that can provide dramatic improvement in the appearance of the smile.

What To Expect During Treatment

Many patients avoid the dentist because they fear dental treatment will be painful and complicated. The process for placing crowns on teeth is actually quite simple.

  • Step 1 – Comprehensive Evaluation– The first step in the process of creating crowns for teeth is a comprehensive evaluation. Dr. Finlay will perform a physical evaluation to inspect the teeth, gums, jaw joints, and other support structures of the mouth, carefully looking for signs of stress, decay or instability.Using diagnostic x-rays, molds, and impressions, he will gain a clear picture of the condition of your mouth to address any health or functional concerns during treatment.
  • Step 2 – Treatment Planning – The first two steps of the process for placing crowns on teeth are critical for the long term success of the treatment. Consider treatment planning like a set of blue prints for an architect. Dr. Finlay creates 2-D and 3-D models to demonstrate and test the proposed treatment using dental crowns.
  • Step 3 – Tooth Preparation– Once the treatment plan is finalized, Dr. Finlay will prepare the teeth by removing a small amount of the natural tooth structure to accommodate the dental crown.In most cases, Dr. Finlay will apply an interim replica, called a provisional, to be worn while the final dental crown is being created. The temporary dental cap will give you an opportunity to make sure you are happy with the look and feel as well as provide temporary protection to the tooth.
  • Step 4 – Final Restoration – Because so much planning goes into the treatment process, the final step is quite simple and predictable. The porcelain dental crown will be tried on for fit and color, then permanently bonded to the tooth and gently polished.

Your New Smile

Whether it is just one tooth or several teeth, dental crowns can provide a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance of your smile. Caring for dental crowns is just like caring for your natural teeth. It is always important to maintain a routine schedule of dental cleanings and evaluations to ensure the best long term results.

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