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Custom Mouth Guards Annapolis, MD

The use of mouth guards for sports has become commonplace and for some contact sports it is now a mandatory part of the uniform.

Mouth guards are designed to protect the teeth in the event of a collision with another player or being hit by a bat, stick or other piece of sporting equipment. Typically made of a thermoplastic compound, over the counter sports mouth guards are often sufficient, but not always comfortable.

Annapolis family dentists Dr. Finlay and Dr. Anderson both offer and recommend a custom mouth guard for several reasons:

  • A comfortable fit: they are made from impressions of your teeth
  • Maximum available protection: the secure fit ensures the best possible protection of teeth and gums and may reduce the forces of impact that can cause a concussion
  • Better compliance: with the ability to drink fluids while wearing it, users are more likely to keep a comfortable mouth guard in place
  • Oral appliance protection: a custom fit mouth guard can be made to accommodate braces and other oral appliances to avoid breakage and damage to the gums

Fitting for a custom mouth guard is quick, painless and can be completed during a routine preventive care visit to our Arnold dentist office. Once complete, we will contact you for pick up.