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Providing quality routine dental care and maintenance is the core of any distinctive dental practice. Dr. Finlay and his team take great pride in the level of excellence in preventative treatment that is the hallmark of our practice. Our practice creates an environment that patients of all ages and treatment needs can call home. We see patients from age 3 on up. Our patients seem to grow up with us, from children to teenagers, to adults that have become parents themselves, to mature adults enjoying the golden years!

Our dental practice in Annapolis believes routine maintenance visits (cleanings) are essential to maintaining your dental health. Yes, we do routine-cleaning visits also! Our hygienists keep themselves up to date with the latest techniques and information for you to help keep your smile in the best health possible. Whether you have been fortunate to have never needed significant treatment, or you have just completed a complex dental rehabilitation, we are there to provide you with preventative maintenance care. Dr. Finlay is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and keeps up to date on the state of the art advances in general dentistry. Most importantly, our hygienists keep a keen eye on those signs that can appear during routine checkup visits before symptoms develop that can spell the difference between a maintenance procedure and a dental crisis.

Annapolis Dentist OfficeChildren are always welcome. We have designed a special place in the reception area that is dedicated to entertaining children. A PlayStation is available to play your favorite game, or watch a movie without disturbing other patients or even read a book or do homework. Many of our team have young children (or grand children!) themselves and are well tuned into the special needs of children.

Often we have patients that seek care from our practice because their “regular dentist” doesn’t offer certain procedures or expertise that is available at our practice. Our philosophy is that it is invaluable to establish a relationship with a dentist that can provide the best dentistry has to offer, well before you are in a crisis situation and in need of immediate treatment. The time to find a top notch dentist that you trust is now. Dr. Finlay and his team can meet those needs for you: a tenured team that has a reputation for excellent dental care in Annapolis since 1987.

Call our Annapolis, MD dentist office at 443–276–4094 or request an appointment online.