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Teeth Whitening Annapolis

Teeth Whitening, or bleaching, is a safe and very popular way to give you a whiter, more confident smile fast.

Dr. Finlay & Associates offers teeth whitening to their patients in the Baltimore and Annapolis area for whiter smiles every day. There are a variety of techniques that we have available at our dental office near Baltimore, Maryland.

At-home whitening systems can be bought in stores, but they cannot compare to the predictability and results of professionally provided whitening systems. One option that we offer is an in-home bleaching system.

With the Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems available in several concentrations, the patient utilizes an intraoral appliance that is custom fabricated by our team. The patient injects into this appliance the professionally supplied whitening gel and the mouthpiece is then comfortably worn at night while sleeping, or at another period during the day. Within just a few applications, your teeth will be noticeably whiter and the process is typically complete in 10 days.

The results with both this whitening system is permanent; however, everyone’s teeth will get darker over the years (whether or not they have ever whitened their teeth). Provided you take care of your appliances, and only minor changes are done to your teeth over the years, you can simply purchase a professional touch up kit for less than what it costs for a good haircut to help keep your smile beautiful and white!

Contact our cosmetic dentistry practice to learn more about financing options available to you for teeth whitening in Annapolis and the Baltimore, Maryland

Announcing our “Forever White Smile Program”

We feel that our patients should have the best and the brightest smiles in Annapolis. Because of this we are announcing a new additional benefit to our whitening programs. Currently we offer a Professional Whitening System: Tray Whitening. There are also touch up kits that are available to spruce up your smile if you have already have had custom trays fabricated. After your initial professional whitening procedure or purchase of a touch up kit, as long as you are an active patient of record in good standing and have consecutively maintained your recommended recare visits, you will receive a complimentary single dose touch up syringe of whitening solution at your second recare visit each year. Fabrication of new appliances, if required, will be an additional fee. This will help to ensure that your smile will be the best it can be “forever”.

This program is retro active if you have maintained consecutive dental prophylaxis twice a year since your initial investment in professional whitening or a touch up kit.