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Dental Implants provide Long-lasting, Comfortable Results

Dr. Scott Finlay, a cosmetic and restorative dentist in the Annapolis area, has years of education and over 25 years of experience helping patients who have suffered the loss of one or more teeth. Among his many achievements and accolades,…


Cosmetic Dentistry can Renew your Natural Smile

Cosmetic dentistry is more than just brightening your smile- cosmetic procedures can restore dental health and function as well as bring back your natural, fresh looking smile. Having a smile that you can feel proud of has been shown to…


Dental Technology Benefits both Doctor and Patient

Technological advances have brought incredible changes to our every day lives- including a visit to the dentist! Dr. Finlay and Dr. Lim have incorporated some of the latest in dental technology into their Annapolis area dental practice in order to…


Healthy Gums Means a Healthy Smile

When we think of our smile, we usually think of our teeth and their appearance- we don't think of our gums and whether they are healthy or not. Truth be told, healthy gums are the foundation for a healthy, beautiful…


Frequent Headaches can be a Sign of TMJ Disorder

Do you suffer from recurrent headaches that have no apparent cause? Do you experience ear, neck or facial pain? Many people suffer with these symptoms of a Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) unknowingly and don't think to mention them during a…


Occlusal Splint Therapy

The primary purpose of splint therapy is to alter how the teeth come together through the use of a retainer like devise to achieve a more comfortable and stable relationship of how the upper and lower teeth come together. Your…


Patient Testimonials For Annapolis Smiles

Everything was very satisfactory as usual. -Dot Gibson The hygienist Candy is outstanding. She made excellent recommendations about how I could improve my regular dental care while being extremely personable throughout the visit. I truly look forward to my next…


Sensitive Teeth Treatment

If there is a progressive breakdown or a deterioration of a condition there are typically signs or symptoms. Sensitive teeth is a symptom that indicates there has been some changes that the teeth are not happy with. Sensitivity is the…


Creating Predictable Aesthetic Results with Cosmetic Dentistry

Scott W. Finlay DDS, FAGD, FAACD graduated with honors from University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery and a GPR program at a Washington DC Area Trauma Hospital. He was accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in…