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The Dawson Academy

The Dawson Academy

The Dawson Academy is a postgraduate educational and clinical research facility, dedicated to the advancement of dentistry.  Dr. Finlay was invited as one of five Senior Faculty in 2008.  The clinical faculty, most of whom maintain full-time fee-for-service practices, teach the principles and skills necessary for the successful practice of complete, quality, predictable dentistry as practiced and taught by Dr. Peter E. Dawson.  The curriculum is designed to support those doctors striving to be physicians of the masticatory system.

Through research, study and clinical practice, our members search for truth in all aspects of dental medicine and endeavor to ensure that the truth is practiced for the benefit of all patients.  The entire staff of The Dawson Academy is devoted to coaching, supporting and encouraging dental professionals on the journey to mastery.  It is our hope and commitment that we bring logic to dentistry’s understanding of the masticatory system and teach the skills necessary to confidently solve patients’ dental problems.

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