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Options To Realign Your Crooked Teeth

Fix Crooked Teeth in Annapolis, MDDid you know that if your teeth are crooked they may be the cause of chronic headaches or even jaw pain? Crooked teeth and misaligned bites are more than just a cosmetic concern and can lead to the development of many advanced dental issues. Annapolis, MD dentist Dr. Scott Finlay offers orthodontic and cosmetic solutions to straighten crooked teeth.

To avoid further damage to your teeth and gums crooked teeth or a misaligned bite are dental concerns that should be addressed as soon as possible. Crooked teeth can make it difficult to properly clean your teeth and many patients with crooked teeth are at a higher risk of developing tooth decay. Misaligned teeth may also affect the function and comfort of your jaw and can cause complex TMJ disorders. TMJ is a chronic pain condition that can negatively impact your life. Crooked teeth also lead to prematurely worn, chipped or fractured teeth, gum disease and even tooth loss. Straightening your teeth could reduce the negative impacts on your oral health.

Dr. Finlay offers multiple cosmetic treatment options that can be customized to correct your teeth and bite concerns. Many patients put off treating their crooked teeth due to the embarrassment of metal braces. Dr. Finlay offers treatments that are discreet, comfortable, and provide long-lasting and beautiful results.

  • Invisalign: Dr. Finlay is a local Invisalign provider. Dr. Finlay can design a custom series of clear aligners for discreet realignment of your teeth. Invisalign is ideal for patients experiencing orthodontic relapse or for adults and teenagers with mild to moderate orthodontic concerns.
  • Porcelain Veneers: If your crooked teeth are not causing damage to your bite, dental veneers can be used for a cosmetic treatment of misaligned teeth. Dental veneers are a permanent cosmetic restoration that provides natural and aesthetically beautiful results.
  • Dental Crowns: If you only have one or two teeth that are out of alignment, a dental crown may help to restore the aesthetics of your smile while allowing your bite to function more comfortably. Dental crowns can fit over your natural tooth for a stable foundation and long lasting restoration.
  • Cosmetic Bonding: Cosmetic dental bonding is a common cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers. The resin is applied to the tooth and Dr. Finlay will artfully shape and from the resin for natural results. Cosmetic bonding can help straighten the appearance of your smile and may need touchups over time.

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If you have crooked teeth, there are treatment options available that do not require traditional metal braces. Contact our Annapolis, MD dentist office to find out what cosmetic treatments may help you restore your natural and beautiful smile for years of oral health or schedule a consultation online.