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Product Review: i-Barrier by Crosstex

CPS Skylight – A first look into a new product launch that provides the dental team with a sneak peak at the latest dental products and equipment.

CPS produced the following comments and reviews following its skylight evaluation of our editorial Board. Full Evaluation from the rest of the team in our next issue of CPS Magazine.

First thoughts and Comments

•“Very easy to place the Barrier”
•“Makes Cross Contamination an non issue”
•“A Great addition to our standard of care in our practice”
•“ Patient’s appreciate the consideration of a disposable barrier in the aid of cross contamination”


i-Barrier is a Single use, touch sensitive disposable tablet sleeve by Crosstex.


The i-Barrier comes with 100 disposable sleeves in a cardboard box with instructions for use.

Clinical Indication

For the use in covering any tablet such as AN IPAD to prevent contamination after contact with any infectious materials.
Why do we need it?

We all know that OSHA states “all equipment and environmental and working surfaces shall be cleaned and decontaminated after contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials. The use of disinfectants on some dental surfaces and equipment in the dental PRACTICE, WHICH can damage surfaces. The i-barrier is recommended instead of using a surface disinfectant that could cause potential Damage to the IPAD or Tablet.

The i-Barrier for Operatory Use

1.Insert the IPAD or Tablet into the sleeve, with adhesive strip facing back of tablet.
2.Remove the Adhesive
3.Fold over and close the i-barrier for a seal-tight fit
4.Remember the i-barrier has given the IPAD room for the operator to swipe the tablet to maneuver the applications.


The cover of the i-Barrier is smooth to not take away the detail of the IPAD presentation. Make sure the patient has a good hold of the IPAD not to drop it on the floor. 3 sizes will be available to allow the IPAD cover to be completely cover if nee
ded. Eash cover can be removed and discarded after every patient. If taking a photo of the patient, your digital camera or intraoral camera is recommended while using the i-barrier.

Quotes from the Dental Editors

Dr. Scott Finlay
The i-Barrier provides a commonsense infectious disease barrier for the iPad to make Its application in the operatory more practical. Patient’s appreciate the consideration of disposable barriers and the easy to apply sleeve does not impact the function of the iPad.  Patients love the integration of handheld technology chairside that they can hold and control.

Dr. Phillip Kemp
The i-Barrier makes using the iPad in the operatory a worry free experience. Cross contamination becomes a NON-ISSUE.

Shannon Pace Brinker CDA, CDD
The i-Barrier gives the patient a sense of relief that we are in compliant with the standard of care in our practice and that makes me fee at ease knowing we are doing all we can to make sure there isn’t any cross contamination to us or the patient.