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Considering Dental Implants? Read This First

Dental Implants are an excellent choice for many patients who are missing teeth but there are several things to consider before choosing a dentist and undergoing surgery.

Dental Implants Can Replace One or All Missing Teeth
Dental implants can be used to replace one tooth, missing as a result of trauma or congenital defect. For patients missing several teeth, dental implants may also be prescribed either alone or in combination with a dental bridge. Some patients who are missing or at risk of losing all of their upper or lower teeth may also be candidates for dental implants. Using the Teeth In A Day procedure, a patient can have all of their teeth replaced using dental implants and a fixed denture to restore natural function and esthetics.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail
Ninety percent of all failures are a result of improper, inadequate or absence of planning. Treatment planning is especially critical in the dental implant process. Most dental implants procedures are a coordinated effort between a restorative dentist or cosmetic dentist and an oral surgeon or periodontist. It is important to select restorative dentist or cosmetic dentist who has specific experience working with dental implants. During this process, the restorative dentist will act like a quarterback, mapping out a plan for the whole team to follow to ensure predictable and successful results.

Technology is Great…If You Know How to Use It
While the latest and greatest technology can be very helpful to dentist when performing a dental implant procedure, if you don’t know how to use the technology correctly or interpret the data it transmits, then the technology is useless. Technology can not replace education, practical training and hands on experience. Used inappropriately, technology will only get you into trouble faster.

Dr. Finlay: The Right Training, The Right Experience and The Right Tools
Dr. Finlay & Associates have over 25 years experience treating patients successfully with dental implants. Dr. Finlay can replace one tooth using dental implants or an entire set of upper or lower teeth using the Teeth In A Day process. Comprehensive treatment planning is at the heart of Dr. Finlay’s practice. He carefully evaluates each patient, considering all factors – esthetic, functional and financial to determine the most conservative and appropriate treatment modality.
Never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Finlay is dedicated to post graduate training and excelling in the field of modern dentistry. He is a Senior Faculty member of The Dawson Academy where he teaches and collaborates with the nation’s top dentists. Dr. Finlay is also an Accredited Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, an esteemed title held by fewer than fifty dentists in the entire United States. He is the only Accredited Fellow in the Annapolis area.
To remain on the cutting edge of dental implant technology, Dr. Finlay works with the finest dental laboratories in the country and the leading oral surgeons in the Baltimore Annapolis region. This team approach ensure the best results for each patient. Dr. Finlay employs state-of-the-art technology including iCat radiographs for 3-D imaging and CAD/CAM, computer aided design and manufacturing for creating precise restorations. His training, experience and collaboration with other top professionals within the dental industry ensure he has the skills to put these technologies to their best and fullest use.

If you have missing teeth, contact the office of Scott Finlay, DDS & Associates, PA to schedule a consultation and learn more about what treatments, including dental implants, are right for you.