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Designing Predictable Aesthetic Smiles: Program by Dr. Scott Finlay

Dr. Finlay recently presented his one day program “Designing Predictable Aesthetic Smiles” to the Dawson Study Club for Complete Dentistry in Morristown, NJ.

An impressive group of well trained restorative dentists as well a several specialists and dental consultant attended the program. A special thanks goes out to Dr. Raj Upadya (&Lydia!) and Dr. Sunita Merriman, who are the facilitators for this excellent interdisciplinary group in Northern New Jersey.


You certainly speak for us all about how generous Scott was with his time, knowledge and energy. It is always so refreshing to see both humility and excellence in an individual and he certainly is a fine example of that combination. We are lucky to have had him speak at a DSCCD meeting and I hope that we have another occasion to host him.

It is very gratifying for both Raj and myself to see DSCCD grow into a place where quality minded professionals get together and learn- not just about dentistry but about life in general as well. That was the vision and mission. You add grace and class to the study club and hopefully will be a big part of our future growth and development.

And yes, we could’nt do it without Lydia. She’s the best.

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Have an awesome weekend!

Dr. Sunita Merriman was recently voted as one of NJ’s Top Dentists in 2010!