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Flu Season is here. What Prevention Are You Taking?

 Flu Season officially starts October 1, hits it’s peak in February and winds down by May, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics infectious diseases committite.  Last year’s flu season was particularly robust, so it is forcasted that this year’s season should be less impactful, although many factors play into the reality of the experience.  At our practice, we approach everyday as “flu season” for your protection and saftey.  This past week our entire team lined up and rolled up our sleves for the flu shot so we will be prepared when the Annapolis area is exposed.  The flu vaccine reduces the likelihood of getting the flu by 70-90%, according to the CDC.  This year the CDC is recommending everyone over the age of 6 months should receive the vaccination unless otherwise contraindicated.  The flu spreads usually through contact with tiny droplettes that can be airbone like those produced by sneezing or coughing.  Another source is contact with surfaces that have been contaminated such as a child’s toy.  You can take additional simple steps to avoid the flu by washing your hands, the use of hand sanitizers, keeping your hands off your face and covering your cough with your sleve or tissue rather than your hands.  Getting enough sleep and remaining well hydrated with a balanced diet can boost your immunity as well.  Finally, if you are sick, stay home and reduce your contact with others that you may pass it along to.

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